Vanessa-Jane A Jones - Bridgend

It has now been 6 months since you installed my kitchen, still each morning I am filled with delight when I open my kitchen door and walk in. I have known you professionally for over 30 years and always knew your standards of craftsmanship to be exceptionally high, so I do not know why I am so surprised that my kitchen should be any different!! My old boring galley kitchen is now transformed into an open friendly workspace with clean lines beautiful cupboards and even a dinning area, so much more that I could ever have dreamed of, this is due to your amazing foresight and design skills. Your kitchen fitters worked expertly and effortlessly never expecting the endless tea breaks of many work men, and always cleaned up every evening. All in all a wonderful experience dealing with Just Kitchens and one that I could highly recommend to anyone.

Vanessa-Jane A Jones - Bridgend

Welcome to Just Kitchens

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We are delighted to welcome you to the Just Kitchens Website

If you're looking for a stunning new kitchen - but are a little worried about the upheaval in your home - then you've come to the professionals. 'Just Kitchens' take all the hassle out of buying a new kitchen!

We have a range of designs from contemporary to classical - giving you great choice. If you decide to select one of our stunning kitchens that matches your lifestyle - we'll design it, install it, plumb it, tile it, and ensure that all rubbish is removed. What's more, we'll guarantee it.

Our 'no hassle no fuss policy' means exactly that, starting from the first telephone call through to the continuous after sales service. All our staff are friendly and accommodating and will aspire to your needs.

The appointment;

We make an appointment with you and arrive on time; we explain exactly what we are going to do, with your permission of course. We discuss your needs and your dreams, take accurate measurements, design your kitchen and apply it to a plan.

Our designer will then go through the positions of everything for your final approval, show you some catalogues to choose your range of furniture. You will then be shown the doors, handles and worktops of your choice and an accurate price will be worked out.

The designer will go through the price of each section to demonstraight where you are spending your money. The final price will be his best price; there will be no magic reductions and no haggling. The first price we give you will be our best and no pressure sales pitching. If you decide to order you will receive a customer presentation folder, with a full complement of appropriate paperwork, and some high quality gloss computerized images of your kitchen.

The Delivery;

Nothing will be delivered before the day of the fit. When your kitchen is delivered the fitters will take care of it.

The fitting;

An average fit will take about three days depending on size and number of appliances of course. Because all installations are signed off by contractors fully trained in Part P Electrical Regulations and are on the Gas Safe Register, they are able to work continuously without delay. Because of the scope of services we provide, we engage the use of professional subcontractors


When the job is finished to your complete satisfaction, all the rubbish is taken away and your kitchen is ready to be used, and all you had to do was empty the cupboards!